Ministry of Justice - Training and Guides

thebigword’s innovative language services and WordSynk system are simple to use but you can access a range of ‘How To’ guides, posters and short training videos in this section if you require more information.

These guides can be downloaded and saved for use later if required.

Services User Guide


Complete User Guide for all interpretation requirements

Translation_User_Guide.JPG Complete User Guide for all translation and transcription requirements


Language Assistance Poster


Language Assistance Poster

Quick guide on how to access all Interpreting services


Quick Guides

A range of simple and accessible guides to help you use the language services and systems effectively.


Telephone Interpreting Desk Hanger

A handy guide showing you how to access the service and some top tips.


Face to Face Interpreting Quick Guide

A handy guide showing you how to access Face to Face Interpreting using our WordSynk interpreting service. 


Video Remote Interpreting Quick Guide

A handy guide showing you how to access Video Remote Interpreting using our WordSynk interpreting service. 



Translation and Transcription Quick Guide

A handy guide showing you how to access the service using WordSynk Translation.


Pocket Guide

Perfect for access telephone interpreting if you’re on the go or in the field.


Language Identifier

Helpful when you’re unsure what language is required.



Face-to-face Desk Hanger

A handy guide to conducting face-to-face interpreting with top tips on the reverse.


HMPS Transcription Projects Desk Hanger

A handy guide showcasing hints and tips for HMPS Transcription Projects. You can find details about urgency, security level, multiple languages etc.


Useful Forms

New user registration forms


Translation and Transcription New User Registration Form (WordSynk) 


Interpreting New User Registration Form (WordSynk) 


Manual Submission Forms


Translation and Transcription Submission Form (WordSynk) 


Interpreting Submission Form (WordSynk)


Additional Support


COVID-19 Special Measures Interpreting Guide

A short guide for audio, video & face to face appointments following COVID-19.


Telephone Interpreting Poster

Great to pin on any notice board showing your how to access the Telephone Interpreting Service 


Language Assistance Available Here Poster

To be placed somewhere convenient to advertise that language assistance is available at your office/site. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Questions that have been frequently asked regarding the MoJ's migration to our WordSynk platform.



WordSynk - Interpreting Demonstration Video 


WordSynk - Translation Demonstration Video


WordSynk - Additional Webinar Recording 15.06.21


WordSynk - Additional Webinar Recording 17.06.21

WordSynk - Creating a Booking - Webinar Recording 15.12.21

WordSynk - Sourcing Process
- Webinar Recording 16.12.21

WordSynk - Post Booking - Webinar Recording 17.12.21


WordSynk - Video Remote Interpreting - Webinar Recording 17.05.21

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