Telephone Interpreting Invoicing

How to Invoice Telephone Interpreting calls?

TI invoicing is done from the GMS Portal; it is not done from the IMS Direct portal.

TI invoicing can only be done during certain dates of the month, please check the schedule at the following link or in the user guide attached.

  1. Log into 
  2. Click  the thebigword ims - Linguist Tasks tile.

Please ensure that you are using the correct web links for translation (TMS, LD), Review, IMS telephone interpreting and some none Ministry of Justice (MOJ) interpreting work bookings here begin with 2 letters such as PE12345678. for (Ministry of Justice) MOJ interpreting work, DWP, NYCDE and some clients that have been migrated to this newer system, IMS Direct bookings begin with a number 5, such as 51234567.

Please see the attached user guide  for instructions on how to invoice from the IMS portal.

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