Withdrawing Tasks from Linguists in TMS

Withdrawing a task from a linguist can be used to either cancel that task, or 'close' the task by completing it and still allowing payment to that linguist.

  1. Navigate to Linguist Tasks
  2. Click the Withdraw button against that specific task in the Task List.mceclip1.png
  3. Select  the required option for the Task.mceclip2.png
  • Remove entirely - this will cancel the job from the linguist, without payment and the workflow will revert back to Select User.
  • Preserve task for invoicing - this will mark the task as complete for the linguist, so that payment can still be authorised. The workflow will revert back to Select User.
  • Proceed with original file - this will use the original file that was sent to the initial linguist, for the new task that will be created when the job re-assigned.
  • Proceed with current file - this will use any saved translation that the linguist has 'Saved to Server' when re-assigning to a new linguist. If the linguist did not use 'Save to Server' in HSTE, then this will have no effect.
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