How do I manually clean up an XLF file from TMS

If you need to take a file out of TMS for any reason, you can manually convert the XLF file back to the target file type by following the steps below;

1) Download the XLF files you want to clean through Resources or Linguist Tasks -> Task Events
2) Go to Translation Memory section in TMS
3) Go to Clean Up
4) Select the file for Clean Up and choose the option as per below;

Rehydrate Only - This will clean the file without updating a TM
Import & Rehydrate - This will clean the file and update the selected TM - If you only rehydrate, it doesn't matter which TM is selected.

5) You will need to refresh (F5) the page once you see Input Files in order to see Output Files where you can download the cleaned target file
6) Repeat process for each file.

Note that you cannot clean multiple files simultaneously, they must be cleaned one by one.

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