Specialisms FAQ

Specialisms FAQs

Q. What impact will the new specialisms have on me?

A. You may receive more job offers and the offers you do get may vary slightly to what you have been offered before.


Q. What specialisms will I now have on my profile?

A. All specialisms and definitions are listed here.

 To get confirmation on the specialisms now listed on your profile, please use linguistrecruitment.thebigword.com to submit a question and a member of our Linguist recruitment team will get back to you.


Q. I am happy with the overall specialism but I can't handle specific ones

A. We have added you to groups based on the underlying topics and the base knowledge we believe you have to translate the subject matter. We believe that the majority of work we offer you will be within your capabilities as an experienced linguist who already carries out translation in a similar field.

We do still recommend that you check and only accept projects that you are comfortable with in line with our Translation Service Agreement.
If you do want to be removed from the new specialism completely, please contact us via linguistrecruitment.thebigword.com; however this will limit the amount of job offers your receive.


Q. Will I still receive work for the same clients I have been working for previously?

A. We don’t anticipate a reduction in the work you receive for specific clients. However, thebigword are moving towards a more automated way of offering assignments. Therefore, offers may be sent to linguist who offer the same language combinations, specialism & quality yet are slightly more competitive. 

Q. Will the change affect my rates?

A. Where possible, we have kept the rates you currently have listed on your profile. If you have previously had more than one rate for specialisms that are now grouped under a ‘new’ specialism banner, we have taken the decision to apply the rate that you have completed the largest volume of work in.
If this is a problem please contact us via linguistrecruitment.thebigword.com and a member of our Linguist recruitment team will look into this for you.


Q. Who do I speak to if I want change my rates?

A. If you would like to discuss your rates with a member of our Linguist Recruitment team, please contact us via linguistrecruitment.thebigword.com. Either increasing or decreasing your rates will have directly affect on the numbers of tasks you will be offered.


Q. What if I don’t have capacity to take on more work?

A. If you’re already receiving a lot of work from us, we are not asking that you take on more than you can handle. We just want to make you aware, that you may receive more job offers and you are free to accept them if you are comfortable you can deliver them to the same high standards and within the agreed project deadlines.

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