XML Interchange - Validation Process


After the XML file has been uploaded back into TMS Linguist Tasks, the file will be validated in the following order:

  1. File Name Check
  2. Encoding Check
  3. Tag Validation



We ensure that the file name matches the file name that was originally sent. If the file name is not identical to the file to the one you downloaded, the following message will appear:


In order to resolve this, please perform the following actions: 

  1. Rename file to match the file downloaded
  2. Re-upload file via "Upload" button. 



We verify that the file encoding matches the file encoding of the file download. All files are sent out with a Unicode Big Endian Byte-Order-Mark (BOM) and we required that all files are returned with this encoding. TRADOS 2007 will always output the target file in the same encoding as the source file. However, Studio 2014 will provide the user with an encoding choice when saving the target file. In order to ensure your file uses the correct encodiing, please following the following instructions:

  1. Click "File
  2. Click "Save Target As" (Shift + F12)
  3. Select "Unicode (Big Endian)" from the encoding drop-down list
  4. Click "Save"

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We verify that all tags are present in the file and are in the correct order. If this fails, you will be offered the possibility of opening the file in our Review Tool; allowing you to re-insert any missing tags or correct tag order. 


A full article on how to delete tags within the Review Tool can be found here.


A full article on how to move tags within the Review Tool can be found here.


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