Managing Agency Tasks in TMS

A quick overview of the Agency's workflow of managing tasks in TMS;

  1. Accept an offer:

Task will move from Offered to Awaiting Assignment

  1. Agency lead wants to take this task for themselves to complete, without assigning to a linguist:

Complete the task normally from Awaiting Assignment by opening HSTE / Review Tool.


  1. Assign the task to a linguist:

Awaiting Assignment - Use "Assign" button

Task will move to Work in Progress section.

  1. Linguist completes Task, Agency Lead reviews work and returns to TBW:

Work in Progress -> Use Review tool button to see the completed translation by the linguist and Agency Lead completes in Review Tool after review.

  1. Re-assign the task to another linguist or Agency lead "Picks up" the task from linguist, if they can no longer complete:

Work in Progress -> Use Re-assign or Pickup button




A full breakdown of the Agency's workflow of managing tasks in TMS;

  1. Log in

- Agency Lead user should log into with their username and password. Select the blue icon; thebigword tms – Linguist Tasks to view the Agency task list.



The agency lead’s portal contains 7 tabs or sections as follows:



  1. Offered:

This is the first point where the offers are listed for the linguists to accept. If the offers are still available, they will have both Accept and Decline buttons against the task.

  1. Current:

Tasks picked up by agency lead will appear in this section.

  1. Awaiting Assignment:

Once the offer has been accepted, the task will firstly appear under Awaiting Assignment section.

  1. Work in Progress:

Any tasks which are currently assigned to someone and in progress will display here.

  1. Completed:

Tasks completed by agency from “Work in Progress” section will be moved to “Completed” tab where it will be ready for invoicing.

  1. Invoiced:

This tab contains all the invoiced tasks. Invoices can be re-printed here.

  1. Team Management:

Used by agency lead to set up the team. Team members can be invited to join the team or deactivated from the team. Agency lead can assign the tasks to anyone who is an active member of the team.


2. How to Setup my Agency Team?


Team needs to be set up in order to assign tasks to another linguist other than team lead. Team Management section from the Task list will be used for creating and managing team.



  • First of all, agency leads need to send invitation to ask the linguist to join the team.
  • Use the button “Invite User” to start this process.



  • Once the invitation has been sent out, it will be listed in the invitations box below.


  • The linguist will receive an email which contains a link to create a password for the gms account.
  • The username will be the email address.
  • Once the linguist created the password using the link sent out in the invitation email, the user will be listed in the “Team Members” box below.



3. How Agency Team Members login to their TMS Task List?

  • Linguists need to log in from with their email address and the created password to go to the tms task list.



  • The linguists will have only 2 tabs namely: Current and Completed in the task list.


  • Once the linguist completed the task, it will move to completed section in his/her task list.
  • In agency portal, the task will be updated in “Work in Progress” section for the agency’s final review before submitting the file.


4. How to Accept the Tasks from Offered Section?


  • Agency lead user has to accept/decline the task from “Offered” section.


TM Breakdown and specialism details can be seen by expanding the offer.


  • Once accepted, the offer will move to “Awaiting Assignment” tab**.



** If the offer is pre-scheduled, the offer will remain in “Offered” tab with the status “Prescheduled Accepted”. When the file becomes available, the offer will move to “Awaiting Assignment” section. For example, project managers can pre-schedule proof-reading tasks before translation is complete. When translated file is returned by the linguist, the offer moves to “Awaiting for Assignment” tab.


5. How to assign a task to my team member?



  • The task will have 4 buttons namely: Assign, Split files, Preview and Open Editor/Open Review Tool.
  • Select the “Assign” button to assign the task to one of the team members.



  • Once the task is assigned to a team member, the task will disappear from “Awaiting Assignment” tab and will appear under “Work in Progress” section.
  • If the agency lead wants to pick up this task, they can directly open the file using “Open Editor/ Open Review tool” from Awaiting Assignment tab to make changes in the file. They do not have to assign the task to themselves in this case.



  • If the agency lead has completed the task without assigning to any team members from the “Awaiting Assignment” section, the task will straight away moved to “Completed” section.


6. How to Re-assign a task to someone else in Work in Progress section?


  • After you have assigned the task to some linguist, you have changed your mind and want to re-assign it to someone else or agency lead user wants to pick it up for him or her.
  • You can do so by expanding the main task from “Awaiting Assignment” section.



  • When the agency lead picks up the task, it will appear in “Current” tab. So that task needs to be completed from “Current” tab first and then need to be finalised from “Work in Progress” section.
  • When the agency lead completes the task from “Work in Progress” section, it will move to “Completed” tab.



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