How to Submit Your Actual Times in IMS Direct Interpreter Portal?

How to Submit Your Actual Times?

You can submit your actual times for a booking within your IMS Direct Interpreter Portal.

Step 1: Log in to your portal using your username and password: 

Step 2: Click on Bookings from the top menu navigation 

Step 3: Click on Current from the menu options displayed on the left hand side

Step 4: Find the booking you would like to confirm actual times for and click on the Confirm Booking button available  for that booking

Step 5: Review the Start and End times that you are presented with, if your actual times match the times as being displayed in the Duration Confirmation window tick Duration Details are Correct.

Step 6: Confirm Duration Button will go from being grey to blue and click this button to submit your actual booking times.


If you need to change the start and end times to reflect the actual times you delivered, please click into "Start Date & Time" to make your change and perform the same change in "End Date & Time" field. Once you have updated the time, tick the "Duration Details Are Correct" box and click "Confirm Duration" to submit your time.


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