How to Submit Your Timesheet?

How to Submit Your Timesheet?

Step 1 Log into your portal

Step 2: Go to Bookings and select Current from the left hand side menu.

Step 3: Find the booking you wish to confirm. Click on the "Eye" icon from the current bookings list.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Confirm Duration’ button

Step 5: Then set the Start Date / times by clicking on the small clock icon to the right of the date / time


Once the start and end Date/Times are set, then upload the timesheet, then press the Confirm Duration button, 
do not put anything into the Timesheet PIN line.


Please ensure the timesheet meets the following criteria;

- The file dimensions must be greater than: 550 x 780 pixels 
- The file dimensions must be less than: 4032 x 3024 pixels 
- The file size must be less than: 5 MB 
- The only file types which are valid are: PDF and image file types

You can adjust most image sizes with an image editor like Paint for Windows or IPhoto for Mac




If you are taking photos with a mobile phone, set the phone to use the lowest camera resolution,

or use a document scanner app such as Microsoft Office Lens






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