How do I invoice tasks in TMS Task list?

To submit invoices for your completed tasks, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into GMS with your log in details (
  2. Click on the TMS Linguist Task tile on the dashboard to display the task list
  3. Go to your Completed tab in your task list to display a  list of tasks available for invoicing.
  4. You can submit multiple tasks that are part of the same Invoicing Company (for example Work Completed for UK).
  5. Tasks available for invoicing will display a check box in the Raise Invoice column.
  6. You can select any number of tasks from the same invoicing company.
  7. Once you select the required check box(es), the Preview Invoice button becomes active.
  8. Click the Preview Invoice button. The Preview Invoice page displays the details such as address, invoice amount, task type and project number. If required you can  to specify any invoice related references or any other information in the Other information field.
  9. Once you have confirmed the details are correct, you can submit the invoice by clicking the Submit Invoice button. To return to the task list without submitting the invoice, click the Back to Task List button.
  10. When you click the Submit Invoice button, a copy of the invoice is downloaded as a PDF file. (You can keep this for your reference.)
  11. To make sure if the invoice has been sent to thebigword accounts team, select the Invoiced tab and check the Account transfer status. On successful submission the status will be shown as Sent.
  12. You can print the PDF invoice anytime using the Reprint Invoice" button.
  13. If you receive any errors during the invoicing process or if the invoice you created has a status of Not Sent, please contact our Product Support Team (
  14. If you are seeing a status of Awaiting cost Approval in your "Completed" tab, please raise a Product Support ticket with the details of the project number so our team can resolve this. 
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