How do I use the Upload/Download Task in TMS to perform my assignment?

How do I use the Upload/Download Task in TMS to perform my assignment?

When you receive an  assignment offer on acceptance it will appear in your current task list within your Linguist Tasks Portal.


To download the files for your assignment please follow these steps:

1.Log into GMS with your log in details to access TMS Linguist Tasks and click on the icon from your dashboard (

2.Go to your “Current” task list for your accepted assignments and select the one you wish to work on. If you still need to accept your assignment please go to the Offered tab within your Linguist Tasks Portal.

3.Click the “Offline Process” button that will be present for the accepted assignments.

4.At the top of the page you will see a “Download Files” button, clicking this will allow you to download and save the files that are associated with the assignment you wish to work on.

5.The “Download Reference Files” button will allow you to download any reference files that have been included with the assignment. This will only appear if reference files are available. 

6.You should now have all the files you require to complete your assignment.    


To submit your completed assignment you will need to upload the files in TMS by following these steps:

1. Log into GMS with your log in details and open TMS Linguist Tasks from your dashboard.

2.Go to your “Current” task list and select the assignment you wish to upload completed work for.

3.Click the “Offline Process” button.

4.You will now see a green “Add Files” button, click this and add the files for the assignment you have been working on.

5.The files for the assignment will then be uploaded.

6.Once the files have been uploaded you can click the “Upload” button to confirm that all files have been correctly selected.

7.If the file name has changed then you will receive a warning message that it does not match the file name of the source file. Click “Yes” to continue only if you are certain the files you are uploading is correct.


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