How do I fix Silverlight in Safari or Firefox on a Mac?

According to Microsoft, the minimum requirements for a Mac to run Silverlight 4+ are Intel-based 1.83 GHz (or 
higher) processor, running Apple's OS X Tiger (version 10.4.11 or 
later) operating system with at least 512-MB of RAM, and a current version 
of the Safari or Firefox browser (click "Download Microsoft 
" or in the Related Articles 
at the end of this web page). 

To fix Silverlight problems in Safari, progressively try 
each of the following steps until the problem is resolved. (For Firefox, see step 1 and step 7.) 


      1. Close all your browser screens (Safari and any other browsers). 
        • Re-open your browser and use it to verify which version of 
          Silverlight is installed either by clicking on the "Verify 
          Installed Version of Silverlight" link
          , or 
          • in Safari, verify that Silverlight is recognized as 
            installed by selecting Help > "Installed Plug-ins"
          • in Firefox, verify the version and status of Silverlight by selecting 
            Tools Add-ons >Plugins 
        • Uninstall any version of Silverlight earlier than version 4 
          (i.e., uninstall version 1, 2 or 3 if listed).  
          • Note. While version 5 is the current version, if it is not working 
            correctly in your browser, you may want to replace it with version 4. (See "Uninstall Silverlight on Apple 
            " above, or step 4 below)
        • Re-open your browser and try to log into CTI Navigator Web again. 
      2. Open Safari's Menu (gear icon if Menu is hidden) and select Preferences 
        > Security > Web Content: 
        • verify "Enable 
          " is checked
        • verify "Enable Java" is checked
        • verify "Enable JavaScript" is checked
        • If one of these preferences was not already enabled, try to log into CTI 
          Navigator Web again. 
      3. Under Safari's Edit menu 
        (the gear icon if Menu is hidden), un-check "Block Pop-Up 
        " and disable any other pop-up blockers or add-on filters. Try to 
        log into CTI Navigator Web again. If the initial installation was corrupted, you 
        may need to uninstall and 
        re-install Silverlight with these filters disabled. 

      4. If the Silverlight error persists, uninstall 

        • Close all browser screens
        • Browse to the hard drive where Silverlight is installed
        • Select/Open Library > select/open Internet 
        • Click on "Silverlight plug-in" and drag to Trash 

        • If displayed, also click on "WPFe.plugin" and drag to Trash
        • Empty Trash! (You may need to 
          restart your computer to ensure all file components are removed.)      
      5. Re-install Silverlight (see "Install 
        Silverlight in Mac
        " above). Then


    1. try to log into CTI Navigator Web again.  
    2. If Safari on your computer still will not support the Silverlight plug-in, 
      download and install a current version of Mozilla Firefox
    3. If Firefox or its extensions do 
      not function properly, follow the steps described in the MozillaZine article "Standard
      Diagnositic - Firefox
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