How to install the Android my IMS.Direct app?

How to install the Android my IMS.Direct app?

If you are looking for the iPhone version, please click HERE


Step 1: On your mobile phone - Launch the google play store and search for 'ims direct'

If you are viewing this on your mobile device,  you may tap on the 'DOWNLOAD' button.

Step 2: Select the 'my IMS.Direct' application


Step 3:  Tap the 'INSTALL' button.


Step 4: Once it has installed, tap the 'OPEN' button to launch the application.

Note:  On older android devices you may see the following screen,  Tap the 'INSTALL' button

Note:  System requirement is  Android 4.4 or later, and the app will need mobile data or a wifi data connection.


The User guide PDF may be downloaded by tapping on the button below.

Note: When you log in,  put  'thebigword' in the Service Provider box (all lower case and no spaces), then  fill in the Username box and your Password with your normal login details. 



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